Jim Scheller


Macoupin Prairie  Glassworks
Staunton, Illinois USA


Jim Scheller  works exclusively in glass. Kilnforming and casting at his studio on the Illinois Prairie.   He moved from his forest home and studio - Chehalem Mountain Glassworks - in Schools, Oregon in September 2018.   Jim creates pieces with depth and weight. Glass sheets, crushed glass (frit) and glass slabs (billets) are contained within dams and hand built plaster silica molds then fired to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Before glass, he thoroughly enjoyed a long career as an engineer and technologist. Taken hostage by kilnforming glass in 2012, he has dedicated himself to his craft and art. Extensive study of and experimentation with the medium is a passion and healthy addiction.

Inspiration comes from the forms, textures and colors of natural and man-made objects, and objects imagined.  The most subtle details of objects are studied and the scientist joins glass, heat and gravity to capture thoughts and memories.

The works invite one to gaze inside and view the flows created by heat and gravity on the once molten glass; to get lost in the dance of light and color.